How To Order

How to Place an Order

Telkom (Openserve) / Mitsol

  • Contact us with your full physical address and we will check if Fibre coverage is feasible in your area.
  • Paperwork could take roughly a day or two. This depends on response rate between you and our sales team. So don’t be afraid to contact us if you feel you need more information on the package you interested in.
  • Once paperwork is complete we place the order with Telkom for you.
  • Installations take +- 21 working days depending on infrastructure in your area.

Vumatel / Fibrehoods / Fogfoot / Link Africa

You will need to place an order through the Fibre providers website on

Our sales team will receive a confirmation e-mail for the order you have placed.

We will then contact you to start the process of paperwork.

Installations generally take about 14 working days, this depends on the workload of the Fibre provider.